Top Mens Designer Underwear Brands

As the prevailing currents of men`s taste in underwear has changed across the years, it would be fair to say that so too has the extent to which men generally feel comfortable `accessorising` their styles and outfits. The modern man, nowadays, seem very willing to tweak his fashion with that flair that a well-chosen accessory can provide – for instance, by evoking a rugged, surfer look by pairing an outfit with a twine bracelet or knotted choker. But with that said, the main focus of this article will be upon the men`s underwear brands to look for in 2010; after all, just what styles, trends and colours will be hitting the shelves this year?

Though in years gone by, the boxer and brief held a relative monopoly in the men`s underwear market, it seems likely that a more modern taken on the design will be enjoying the most widespread popularity this year. Recent sales and fashion trends seem to imply that 2010 may well be the year of the hipster, with this particular style retaining a boxer-like form, but streamlining the shape and minimising the material used to give a lightweight feel. A number of brands have picked up and developed the style, with those such as Impetus and Sloggi displaying amongst the strongest looking hipster lines.

A second style of men`s underwear that seems due for something of a rise in popularity is the mini brief. This diminutive style of underwear follows takes its lead from the brief in terms of shape, but does away with excess material to give a body-hugging form factor. For this reason, the mini brief tends to look best on those of average or well-built stature; but, of course that is not to say that it would not suit those of a different body type. When considering which brand of mini brief to go with, it is particularly worth keeping Jockey in mind, who have recently released a line of luxury cotton mini briefs with very attractive prices.

A concern of many when choosing an entirely new style of men`s underwear is just what colour or design to go for; whether to pick something loud and bright, or soft and restrained. However, shoppers should really just discount all advice and opt for that which they feel most comfortable in. After all, buying underwear is quite different to picking out a car – colour will never affect the resale value. With that said, it seems evident that patterned trunks have been finding their way into an increasing number of clothiers` catalogues over the past few seasons, so 2010 may well see an influx of bolder, brighter styles. Finally, it is worth bearing in mind that choosing correctly sized underwear is essential when out shopping, as different brands` perceptions of small, medium and large can vary quite dramatically – and unlike buying a pair of Diesel designer jeans, they cannot just be returned for a refund with a smile.